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Welcome to the Yale Journal on Regulation Online!

Welcome to JREG Online!

For thirty years, the Yale Journal on Regulation has published groundbreaking scholarship at the intersection of the public and private sector.  From environmental regulation to the financial crisis, JREG has prided itself on delivering impactful scholarship cited by practicing lawyers, informing policymakers, and influencing jurisprudence.

As the regulatory state expanded, we’ve seen more opportunities for legal scholarship to grow and develop.  There is a need for a forum to express timely views and bring shorter pieces to market faster.  JREG Online will serve this need for academics, practitioners, and policy-makers.

We’re incredibly excited to have an influential pieces to open JREG Online.  Professor Orbach kicks off our website with his timely précis addressing the question of what exactly we mean by regulation.  Professor Chiang addresses the constitutionality of first-to-file patent system. And, of course, we could not have launched the site without the support of our faculty advisors and our incredible JREG lead online directors, Charles Hauch and Jon Choi, and our online edit team of Paul Connell, Arthur Ewenczyk, Rebecca Jacobs, Alexander Kaplan, Tom Maher, and Román Rodriguez.

So, dear reader, we invite you to participate as we begin this new chapter of JREG.  We hope that you’ll find our pieces thought provoking and informative.  And, as you see something interesting in your job – whether an unexplored case, a new regulation, or a problem in the existing framework – we hope you’ll drop us a note and share it with the rest of the JREG Community.


Yours in Regulation,

Tian Huang & Jim Williamson

Volume 30, Editors-in-Chief

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